About Us

Quardle is a challenging word-based game that can be fun and engaging, especially with friends and family. We developed this Quordle game, and it went viral among gen-Z users. We got inspiration from the popular game Wordle and saw a need for an even more challenging game. So, we developed Quardle, and our users love it. We are a small company that creates fun and interactive games like Quordle.

Our goals are to bring engaging and intuitive games to high user demand. We have a team of creative designers, and some of the games we are developing right now include The Spelling Bee, Octordle, and more. We use many tools and open-source technologies to build these. So, if you have any innovative ideas for a new game, contact us, and we can help develop the game for you. We are always looking for creative people to engage with.

Contact Us

You can contact us via our mail address. Just leave your name, mail address, and message, and we will get back to you shortly.