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Quardle Word Game

Inspired by the Wordle word game concept, Quardle brings some changes and challenges that make it a whole new experience for its users. The game went viral in the last few months and has swept the internet. The rules are easy to understand, but the game can be quite challenging, which makes users want to try even harder. If you love word-based games, you can engage your friends and family with this new word game and have fun with them. Let's look at what this game is exactly, how to play and some of the scenarios related to the game. On top of that, we will also answer some of the most asked questions from the users.

What is Quordle Game?

Quordle is an online word-based puzzle game that Wordle inspired. It is very challenging and engaging, which made it very popular among gen-Z users. It is a fast-paced puzzle game where you must guess words based on certain trivia or tricky word knowledge. Being a fun game, it's a perfect game to play during family picnics, social gatherings, night outs with friends, and similar situations. Not to mention, there are some studies that find word games, like Quordle, can help you de-stress and relax, which can be helpful for everyone. This can be particularly helpful for those who have anxiety issues. It will help users calm while also keeping their brains sharp.

How To Play Quordle?

The first things you will see when you begin the Quordle game are four empty Wordle games arranged in a 2*2 grid. Each grid will have its own set of 9 rows and five columns. To begin, you will have to guess the first word. Then the letters will get highlighted with green, yellow, or gray colours depending on whether it's correct, incorrect position, and invalidity of the word itself. Change the letters and eliminate the wrong ones until you get the correct word. Remember, you have only nine guesses, so make the most out of them.

What Makes Quardle Different From Wordle?

You have already played Wordle; if that's the case, Quardle will seem similar in terms of how it looks. But that's where most of the similarities end. While it may look and feel similar, it's quite different, and that's what makes it so fun. Quardle is 4 Wordle smashed together. If you pay attention, you will see four wordle games arranged in a 2*2 grid where you must guess a word. Once you guess the first word, colours will be highlighted to show the correct letter and their respective correct positions. Each grid has nine rows and five standard columns, just like how it is in Wordle. So, similar after all.

Is It Harder Than Wordle?

No, not necessarily. It's slightly different, with a different set of rules. While it is quite challenging, it's probably wrong to say it's harder than Wordle. Not to mention, you will get a higher rate of guesses as the number of chances is four times now. But you still have only guesses, making it challenging, so you will have to up your word game if you want to win. After making about five guesses, you will have to guess the correct word for the last four turns. If you keep losing or don't get the gist of the game, don't worry. There's also a practice mode, which will help you develop your word knowledge. If you want to play well, you need to practice more.

What Are The Rules of the Quordle Game?

The rules are pretty simple. You will be provided with nine guesses and have to solve any four words. You will be further guided with colour coding, which will help you solve the four words without wasting all your guesses. The letter is correct when the green colour coding appears on the letters. If it's yellow, it means the word is correct but is in a different position. However, if the word is invalid, the letters will appear invalid.

The letter M indicates that you guessed the correct position.
The letter O indicates that you guessed the correct letter but in a different position
The letter R indicates that you guessed the wrong letter.

Hints For Easier Wins

While the game may look challenging, it's simple, so long as you have an intuitive and flexible mind. Here are some suggestions that may help you.

  • Go for the simple letters first and then form a word with them. Most people like to look at the words first, which could lead to many incorrect letters.
  • Try to avoid complicated words. Most of the time, the words used in the game are words we use daily.
  • Try not to pick words that have the same letters too many times.
  • You can adjust the difficulty mode if the game seems too hard.


Example Quardle.net

The Bottom Line

As you can see, the game's rules are quite simple and yet challenging enough to be a fun game to play among friends and family. So, the next time you are out at a social event or an outdoor activity, don't hesitate to introduce this fun game to your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

1. What is the best word to start the game?

Words without repeated letters, such as Crane, Jumbo, Sloth, Radio, and more, should be among the best words to start the game.

2. Can I play Quardle in different languages?

The game is available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, and more. Click the dictionary settings in either the top right or the top left corner.

3. How to enable daily Quordle mode?

You can enable them in the game settings. This allows you to solve the same words with your friends. However, the daily words change every 24 hours.

4. Can I change the number of letters in hidden words?

Yes, the number of letters can be changed effortlessly. Just remember to set the appropriate value for the number of letters in the settings before you start the game.